Positech Games @ Rezzed (NEC, Birmingham)

I popped over to Rezzed today to check out a few games in person. Of particular interest to me was the Positech Games stand, manned by Cliff Harris.

I have a bit of a history with one of their games, Gratuitous Space Battles, since hanging around on the modding forum and realising that a tool similar to the old SunEdit would make everyone’s life easier (while I was sitting in the reception at a hotel in Egypt of all places). A bit of coding in my spare time led to the creation of GSBEdit, and (other than a two year timeout) I’ve been trying to make it a useful tool ever since.

While I was at the Positech stand I got a look at Democracy 3 in person. It’s a very detailed political simulator and I have to say, it’s the first time I’ve seen people show so much excitement while discussing policy ideas. The interface seems surprisingly intuitive – having not seen the interface previously, I could still immediately see how it functions and how all the different factors relate to each other (and trust me, there are a lot). It seems like it’s going to be a game that will be easy to sink much more time into than you expected.

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