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Problems with Aliens: Colonial Marines

So I’ve played a few hours of Colonial Marines and I have to say that the experience (as predicted by many) is underwhelming. It has changed a lot since the original promotion as a 4-player co-op class-based survival game (essentially Left 4 Dead but with aliens and pre-built loadouts). Let’s ignore the changes in direction though, as it has been a few years and even with the best intentions things do change. Let’s instead focus on the problems with the game as-is.

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Nintendo Bluetooth keyboard

At the time of writing, Argos (a high-street retailer here in the UK) has a sale on DS games, including “Learn with Pokemon: typing adventure“. For someone that doesn’t play Pokemon games (and doesn’t need to learn how to type) this wouldn’t usually be of interest. However, the game in question has one very nice incentive to its purchase: a bundled-in Nintendo Bluetooth keyboard. At the sale price of £9 it would almost be crazy not to snap one up. You can easily pay £15-£25 for a no-name Bluetooth keyboard on Amazon, and I won’t even bring up Apple branded nonsense [1]. This post is a quick review of the package and the keyboard. For reviews of the game itself, there are a few around the internet (note: I don’t have any affiliation with those sites, they were just the first results on Google).

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Halo 4: Bringing emotion to an established FPS

This post contains massive spoilers if you haven’t already completed Halo 4 (and, to a lesser extent, the other games in the series). Continue reading at your own risk.

As a long-time fan of the Halo series across all media, be it games, books, or videos, the fourth video game installment in the Master Chief/Cortana story arc really piled on the feelings. (“Dem feels” as I believe the kids of today refer to such things.) Interestingly, I haven’t played through the game myself—the timing of the release wasn’t good for me and in the end impatience won out and I instead watched the playthrough published to Youtube by PauseUnpause. That first time I just sat back and absorbed the story. Recently, however, I watched through a compilation of the cutscenes, along with some important moments during player control, and considered what factors caused the game to really hit the target emotionally. I believe that it comes down to three essential factors, as described below in no particular order.

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