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OpenPicus FlyPort

I recently obtained an OpenPicus FlyPort module and StarterKit Nest. I have a use in mind for the devices, but for now they are quite fun to play around with.

For information see:

The main attraction with these devices (for me) was that you aren’t buying the individual parts (which, let’s face it, are much cheaper), nor are you even buying them mounted on a fancy PCB. You are buying a complete product. The currently available software includes the full TCP/IP and Wifi stacks and a web server application that allows both displaying of input values and control of output values from a web browser anywhere on your network. Upcoming software includes an IDE targeted at the capabilities of the devices, with a wizard that looks like it will be capable of generating a lot of the code needed for a variety of uses (see this screenshot). A Bluetooth based module is also scheduled for release towards the end of 2010.

I’m always on the lookout for fun new development kits, and this fit the bill quite nicely.